Our Services

Bayside Plumbing and Heating specialize in the design and installation of comfort floor heating systems (under floor tile, carpet, laminate, slab and timber) for new building developments, bathroom renovations and home extensions.

Our electric floor heating systems are installed directly beneath the floor surface or in-slab, and our hydronic floor heating systems are installed in concrete or screed topping. Both heating systems provide an economical, gentle and luxury even heat across the floor surface including tiles, carpet, timber laminate, concrete, terrazzo and vinyl.
Under floor heating spreads the heat over the entire floor area resulting in a gentle heat radiating from the floor. This form of heating reduces the heat loss from our bodies since our feet are warm. This form of heating is best suited for floor under floor finishes such as tile, carpet, laminates, slab and timber floors.

Floor heating is considered the most comfortable form of heat, and like the sun, it gently and evenly warms the room in the same way as the sun resulting in a natural and comfortable heated room.